Wedding Tips For Brides On Their Wedding Day

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Wedding tips for Brides on their Wedding Day by Michelle Heseltine Photography

wedding tips for brides

Watch the video below on wedding tips or scroll down for text version.

Wedding tips for Brides on their Wedding Day by Michelle Heseltine Photography

Experience has value.

This post is all about wedding tips for Brides.  A Wedding day for a Bride can be an exciting, nervous, fun, stressful day as well as having many more emotions on the day.  Michelle and Paul have experience of over 600 Weddings between them & with this experience comes a lot of wedding tips that help to alleviate the more negative emotions & feelings on the day.  This is why we have decided to publish our ten top wedding tips for Brides on their Wedding Day.  There are of course many more things that the knowledge and experience we have can bring to your Wedding day.  Having Michelle and/or Paul with you on the day will allow this experience to enhance your Wedding Day experience.  Below are the tips we have in the video, hopefully they will be of use so here they are.

  1. Don’t drink too much the night before your Wedding.  It may seem obvious but spending the first few hours of your wedding nursing a hangover doesn’t enhance your day.
  2. Eat food and drink plenty of water in the morning (and during the day).  The feeling of nausia and dehydration in Brides who are suffering nerves is very common.  Alleviate this by keeping your body fuelled correctly especially on warm days when dehydration can take effect very quickly.
  3. Don’t have your hair and make up done last by the hairdresser or make up artist.  You do not want to be rushing yours.  It is your day and if the process is taking longer than planned, if you were last yours would be rushed.  A Brides hair and make up can always be touched up prior to leaving.
  4. Plan to get in your dress earlier than you think.  Getting in a dress too late is a regular issue for Brides.  You may have had a fitting and think it is an easy process, but on the day, those helping will be nervous, had their nails done, having a memory block especially with lace up dresses which can take a long time to get tied up.  If you get in early it doesn’t need to get rushed, less likely to have a mishap and will also give time for the dress to settle to your body shape and allow time for re-adjustment if necessary.  This will also give your photographer time to get some beautiful photographs for you before you leave.  Out of all the wedding tips, this one is one of the most important.
  5. If you are wearing new shoes on the day, break them in before the day.  Blisters are a common problem for Brides in new shoes and the pain is not a nice feeling on the day.  Also brand new shiny soles do not go well on carpet, so we want you to minimise the risk of slipping over.
  6. Don’t let others stress you out.  Your Briday party will be suffering nerves on the day and this can often lead to people behaving differently and causing unwanted stress.  If you feel this, take you mind away, block it out and perhaps think about the man you are marrying and how it brings a smile to your face.  Keep the day fun for yourself.
  7. Put your perfume on before the dress. It is so easy to accidentally spray the dress by mistake and leave either a stain or wet mark.  The amount of perfume you use may be one of the things your husband to be loves about you.  So don’t over do it.
  8. Make up an emergency bag for the day.  This is a bag that can be left in a room or car and contains things you may need in an emergency.  Things such as, headache pills, sewing kit, nail glue, scissors, body tape, baby wipes, tampons, hair pins, sun cream, plasters, blister plasters and more. We at Michelle Heseltine Photography carry most of these on the day but it is always wise to have your own to back up depending on personal needs.
  9. Think carefully about how many formal group photos you ask for.  Group photos can be a long process especially large groups and there is usually someone important that goes missing.  The more you ask for the less time the photographer will have to get shots of the Bride and Groom on their own.  Professional Photographers like Michelle and Paul will want to finish the photography at the time specified by the venue as they know there is a Chef relying on the timings being as accurate as possible.  This is also where having two photographers on you day adds great value.  We often have very limited time, two of us get more photographs in that time.
  10. ENJOY YOUR DAY. This is what Michelle Heseltine Photography is all about and what are wedding tips are all about.  We want you to have an amazing day and treasure it forever.  If we can produce memories that are happy and last forever we have done our job.  So really think carefully who you have around you on your day.
  11. OK, so we said ten.  But at the time of writing we have thought of an extra one that helps us as photographers.  Make sure you and the Bridesmaids do not over do the fake tan.  Often we have a Bridal party photograph where one or more look orange in colour and to remove this in post production is a very long process and often refused by photographers or indeed charged extra.  So try not to over do it.

There are many more tips we have to give.  Having Michelle Heseltine photography as part of your day brings this help and support to your day.  If you are looking for a photographer, get in touch using the contact page and we will love to chat and share more wedding tips.  We love weddings so there is no obligation by talking to us and meeting us, in fact it is an important process, getting to know and like your photographer.  They are potentially who you have around you supporting you most of the day.

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